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Angelique Chatelier

28 septembre 2015

Vraiment, je ne regrette pas mon choix.

Dès la première rencontre, je me suis sentie écoutée!!  Avant tout, Angélique a voulu comprendre mes besoins propres et ceux de ma famille avant de me proposer un  type d’assurance quelconque.  Elle s’est aussi assuré  que je puisse faire la distinction entre tous ces produits sur le marché.  Elle m’a ensuite fait une proposition personnalisée selon mes besoins. Une denrée rare de nos jours.  Jamais je ne me suis sentie forcée d’accepter une transaction.  On ne peut faire autrement que de lui faire confiance.

Je recommande Angélique sans hésitation!

Cinthia Olivier

If you are looking for insurance and aren’t sure what you need I (Linda) would sincerely recommend you speak to Angelique.

Not only does she treat her customers with respect and sincerity but she takes the time (no matter when you call) to explain everything and will always be available if you need more info. She is a very compassionate lady who feels for you. I had taken medical needs insurance (on her advice eleven years ago thinking I would never use this but after talking to her I had decided to take it just case.) Life can change in a moment. For me it did. I am so happy for this insurance today. Angelique is helping me with all my needs, taking care of all the necessary forms and making it so much easier since my head is really all mixed up with my illness. When illness strikes we need someone who can take care of your insurance needs that understands and not be just a policy number. Thanks Angelique. My greatest appreciation in what you do and for your expertise in this field. It’s comforting.


Linda H. de Brossard

July 28th, 2015

Linda H.

« Bonjour à tous,

Qui est Mme Angélique Châtelier et que fait-elle?

Dans un premier temps, il faut savoir que Mme Angélique Châtelier nous a accueillis, mon conjoint et moi, dans son bureau à Outremont, et ce gratuitement , à trois reprises, afin de nous aider à clarifier une police d’assurance, qui datait des années 80 et que nous avions contracté a Welland, Ontario.

A ce moment nous avons rencontré une dame pleine d’énergie, qui n’avait qu’une idée en tête, nous offrir un service de qualité et nous aider, nous des gens à faible revenu, a tiré le maximum de cette police d’assurance, qui pour d’autres n’était qu’un paquet de trouble!

Rien n’a été laissé au hasard. Mme Châtelier a pris le temps nécessaire pour s’approprier notre dossier, nous a contactés, a vulgarisé ce jargon utilisé dans cette police d’assurance, ce qui nous a permis de comprendre ce que nous avions signé, plusieurs années auparavant, et nous a informé de la suite à donner à cette police d’assurance.

Dans un climat de respect, et d’authenticité, mon conjoint et moi avons pu librement choisir parmi les options proposées de renouvellement de cette police d’assurance.

En un mot, Mme Angélique Châtelier est une femme inspirante qui nous fait dire à mon conjoint et moi qu’il y a encore du bon monde sur cette terre!

Ce que vous faites au plus petits des miens c’est à moi que vous le faites Mt, 25,25-30

Prenez soin d’elle ! » 10 Novembre, 2014

Carole Dessureault et Yves Duchesne

Terrebonne, Qc, J6Y 1A2

Carole Dessureault et Yves Duchesne

“To whom it may concern;

I have known Mme. Angelique Chatelier for over 15 years and can vouch for her integrity as it relates to her personal and business activities. She is most professional and highly knowledgeable in the field of insurance, financial advice and health care.

I am proud to continue as one of her clients.” October 27th, 2014

Kevin Maguire, Ste.Anne des Lacs, QC

Kevin Maguire

Angelique managed my insurance needs like a true professional-no hesitation in recommending her.

Apr 23, 2015

Shep AbbeyBroker, Owner Abbey & Olivier

I have had the pleasure of working with Angélique for several years. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the insurance industry. Angélique invests the time needed with each client to ensure all their questions are answered and they have the best options in place for their future” January 6th, 2015

Mary WargachukCRHA/CHRPCareer Advisor & Manager-Career Management Services Volunteer Program

 «  Je recommanderais Angélique sans hésitation, pour sa compétence et son efficacité. Notre dossier d’assurance était complexe mais elle nous a accompagné tout au long de notre démarche en prenant le temps de nous expliquer chacune de nos options et ce, à chaque étape du processus. Merci Angélique pour ton expertise! » January 25,2014

Christine Caron Bourdon

“As a wholesaler, I get to work with a lot of advisors. Angelique is an example of dedication and professionalism on top of being a great person. Definitely a trusted advisor to work with…” November 28,2012

David ParentRegional Sales Director Sun Life Financial

“Dear Angelique, Simone & I want to personnaly thank you for your exceptional service. We truly appreciate your objective guidance, honest, no ‘sales pitch’ way of doing business. Your approach has really made a difference for us, and we are proud to publically endorse you here on LinkedIN! I will even go further and say that we recommend you to anyone who is in search of a genuine insurance broker. Yours sincerely, Martin Provost & Simone Clamann” March 11, 2013

“Encore une fois Angélique, merci de m’avoir accompagné tout au long de ce processus ainsi que pour ton impartialité ». March 29th, 2014

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Martin Provost

“Angelique has been my Insurance advisor for over 7 years. She has always been very well informed about all products and has always answered my questions accurately and in a timely manner. In a world where it is often difficult to understand insurance policies she has always made my decisions easy.” November 6, 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Nelson De Sousa

“Angelique and I had an incidental meeting through a colleague. Our conversation made evident her vast experience and wider knowledge of the industry and products. Angelique asks all the right questions. She inspires confidence in her ability to meet the needs of anyone seeking superior service.” October 23, 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Karen Riettiehired Angelique as a Insurance Agent in 2012

“Determining Insurance needs and choosing what is the most valuable product is not an easy task and let’s face it, not something we usually do with much enthusiasm. Working with Angélique made that seem so simple and coherent. Her ability to understand your needs and offer you products that are of value for you really makes it worthwhile to work with her. I always obtain answers to my questions in a very quick manner and she does follow up on us in a regular and friendly fashion to make sure everything is up to date. Angélique is a very trustworthy person and I would highly recommend her without any hesitation.”  October 23, 2012

Year first hired: 2009

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Nicole Belliveauhas endorsed Angelique Certified Health Insurance Specialist (C.H.I.S).

“Angelique is the most professional and informed Insurance Expert that my wife and I have every worked with. After discussing our requirements, Angelique provided us with a number of options, recommended the ones that she felt would best suit our situation and provided very informative answers to all of our questions. With her assistance, we feel confident that the products we chose are the best in the market to suit our specific needs.”

Service Category: Insurance Agent

Year first hired: 2006

Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Calvin Tuitthas endorsed Angelique as Brokerage Manager for Life and Health Products at Greater Montreal Area.

“Angelique provided me with excellent relevant insurance advice while making the difficult transition from a company with a relatively complete benefits package to a start up where I needed to make my own insurance arrangements.

She helped me and my family decide which insurance products were important for us and which weren’t worth the investment.

Now that my employer is able to offer insurance she is guiding my family through the adjustment of our insurance products based on the change in our situation.

 I could not have been more pleased with the results of her work for us and would recommend her services to anyone. I regret that I can only select three attributes as all of the others apply to her as well (most especially timeliness, integrity and creativity.”  October 29, 2012

Service Category: Insurance Agent

Year first hired: 2010

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

John Marretthas endorsed Angelique Certified Health Insurance Specialist (C.H.I.S).

Angelique is detail oriented and wonderful to deal with. Her knowledge of the life products offered, leave you assured you and your loved ones are well taken care of.” October 14, 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Joseph RonciHired Angelique as a Insurance Agent in 2000, and hired Angelique more than once

Angelique is very professional and knowledgeable. She took the time to explain every detail to us and made it much easier to choose a product based on actual information. I recommend her without reservation. October 14, 2012

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Maria Ortiz Takacshired Angelique as a Insurance Agent in 2010

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity October 14, 2012

Sam Mahlerhired Angelique as a Insurance Agent in 2005

In my (now) 44 years of specializing in Living Benefits, Angelique is a rare one in that she is very good at what she does – and equally important – how she does it. She knows what she is talking about and communicates that – but more than anything else, she is there for her clients when they need her. If you choose to work with Angelique, you will be truly blessed. She is a GOOD ONE! October 15, 2012

Tim LandryDirector, has endorsed Angelique as Certified Health Insurance Specialist (C.H.I.S) Living Benefits, MSA Financial

I have personally witnessed Angelique Chatelier’s expertise and knowledge in financial services. Her business practices, including sales, client services, follow ups, available meet and exceed the highest standards. Her integrity is outstanding. October 15, 2012

Madeleine B LafontaineGeneral Manager, was a consultant or contractor to Angelique at Angélique ChâtelierTransamerica Life Company (An Aegon Company)

“Angélique Châtelier est une spécialiste de son domaine qui comprend très bien les besoins de ses clients. Elle est à l’écoute et sait donner l’heure juste. Sa plus grande qualité est sa très grande objectivité et neutralité par rapport aux compagnies d’assurances dans son offre de service. Je la recommande sans réserve.” October 16, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Laurent Duchastelhired Angelique as an Insurance Agent in 2010

“As a realtor, I provide professional services to all my clients, and do not hesitate to go the “additional mile”, in clients’ representation. Consequently, I surround myself with professionals who thrive in success by adhering to the same highest levels of performance possible in customer service. Angelique is certainly part of this team that reach professional dedication in the life and health industry. Angelique also goes the “extra mile” by ensuring that each one of her clients, not only receives the best service possible, but is also kept advised of follow ups, by providing service to all their queries, as well as accessibility to new products. I trust that you will find benefits and satisfaction in Angelique’s work.” October 17, 2012

Georges OlivierSales RepresentativeEXIT REALTY FIRST NORTH, Brokerage was with another company when working with Angelique at Angélique Châtelier